What to Look for in a Child Care Center

What to Look for in a Child Care Center

What to Look for in a Child Care Center

We all want to give our children the best care possible, but we might not always be with our children 24/7. Sometimes parents have to take their child to daycare centers so that they can carry out other responsibilities. You must take your time to do your due diligence to ensure that you get the best child care center for your child. Finding a center where your child is well cared for is best for your child and your peace of mind.

Here are some ways to find the best child care center.

Check that the center recruits properly trained staff.

Care providers have to undergo special training to take good care of children. Children have specifics needs, for instance, close attention, proper communication, and loving care, which, if not properly met, might negatively impact their growth and development. You can easily determine if the care providers are well equipped by observing how they relate with the children. A well-trained caregiver is hands-on with the children. They give the children attention in terms of playing and communicating patiently and positively.

Ensure that the daycare center has an adequate number of caregivers.

A good child care center will have enough members of staff to take care of the children. The number of caregivers should be dependent on the number of children at the center. According to the American Academy of Pediatricians, the recommended staffing ratio is one adult to three babies of up to 12 months. The recommended ratios may vary depending on the state, but the bottom line is ensuring that the caregivers are enough for the number of babies.

Check the policies

Check their policies, terms, and conditions. This will enable you to identify the philosophies and values of the centers. These philosophies inform the treatment that your baby will receive while at the center. Some of the factors you should look out for include the discipline regime, feeding, sleeping times, and emergency response system. The policies mostly inform the values that are upheld at the center. That is why you should pay attention to them.

How supportive is the administration?

You want to choose a care center where you will be heard and respected. If, for instance, you need to report a problem to the management, are they willing to help, or do they get defensive? Some care centers do not take criticism positively, and this is a red flag! Look for a center whose management is friendly and supportive, where you are sure that your child will be well taken care of even after you report a problem.


This should probably be the first thing that you check at any prospective care center. When considering safety, think about the building structures, health hazards, fire, other disaster preparedness, and playing equipment. For instance, check that the floors are not slippery, there are no open pools of water at risky places, the swings and slides on which the babies play are in good condition, the stairs are not easily accessible to small babies. Ask for the licenses and certifications. Licenses might not guarantee much, but they guarantee that the minimum requirements for the children’s health and safety are met.


The best child care center is one that shares your values for parenting and supports your child to thrive. Take time to visit the prospective centers in person and observe how they take care of the children there. The importance of reviews and references cannot be overstated. Talk to parents who have taken their children to the prospective care centers to know their experiences. You are likely to have the same experiences at those centers.

In Plano and North Dallas child care can be found easily at a center that fits your child’s specific needs and your family lifestyle. American Montessori Campus could be the place for you. We offer personalized care for your child using the Montessori method.

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