What To Put Into A Daycare Bag For Your Infant

What To Put Into A Daycare Bag For Your Infant

What To Put Into A Daycare Bag For Your Infant

The first day of daycare is a milestone for both parents and their little ones. While it’s a new adventure for your infant, it comes with its own set of preparations for parents. One of the primary tasks is ensuring you’ve packed everything your baby might need. To make this task a breeze, we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist for your infant’s daycare bag.

  1. The Two-Bag System

Simplicity and organization are key when preparing for daycare. We recommend a two-bag approach:

Daily Bag: This bag will contain items your baby will need every single day.

Weekly Bag: This one holds supplies that remain at the daycare and are replenished as required.

  1. Essentials for the Daily Bag

Diapers & Cream: Always pack a few extra diapers than you think you’ll need. A small tube of diaper cream can be a lifesaver for unexpected rashes.

Wipes: A compact pack is perfect for daily needs, ensuring your baby is always fresh.

Pacifier: If your baby has a favorite pacifier, make sure there’s always one in the bag, and perhaps a backup.

Stuffed Toy or Comfort Item: Familiar items can provide comfort, making nap times smoother.

Bibs: Essential for drooling infants or those starting on solids.

Bottles & Food: Whether it’s pre-measured formula or breast milk, ensure it’s clearly labeled. If your infant is on solids, pack their favorite purees.

  1. Essentials for the Weekly Bag

Diapers: A week’s supply ensures you’re not constantly restocking.

Wipes: A larger container will last the week, reducing the items you need to remember daily.

Extra Pacifier: Because let’s face it, they have a way of disappearing.

Bedding: Some daycares ask parents to provide crib sheets or blankets. Always have a spare set.

Extra Clothing: From spills to other accidents, having an extra outfit (or two) is a must.

Medications: If your daycare permits, pack any essential medications or ointments your baby might need.

Sun Protection: If there’s outdoor playtime, ensure your baby is protected with sunscreen and a sun hat.

  1. Feeding Essentials

Bottles: Clearly labeled bottles ensure your baby gets their specific formula or breast milk.

Formula or Breast Milk: Pre-measured formula makes feeding times smoother. If you’re sending breast milk, understand the daycare’s storage guidelines.

Baby Food & Utensils: If your baby is on solids, labeled containers of their meals are essential. Don’t forget a spoon!

  1. Label Everything

It can’t be stressed enough: label everything. From bottles to clothing, ensure each item has your child’s name on it. This not only helps the daycare staff but also ensures your baby’s items find their way back to you.

  1. Pro Tips for Packing

Stay Organized: Reduce morning chaos by packing the night before.

Refrigerated Items Reminder: Items like breast milk need to stay cold. A trick? Place them next to your keys in the fridge, ensuring you don’t forget them during the morning rush.

Daycare Policies: Each daycare is unique. Always check their specific policies on food storage, medications, and other essentials to ensure you’re in compliance.


With a bit of planning and organization, packing for your infant’s daycare can be a seamless task. Using this checklist, you can rest assured that your little one will have everything they need for a fun and comfortable day away from home.