What Makes Carrollton Montessori School Different?

What Makes Carrollton Montessori School Different?

What Makes Carrollton Montessori School Different?

Children are known to have limited attention spans. So, when they have the freedom to choose when and what they learn, they will naturally gravitate toward activities they are interested in.

With that freedom, children can focus better and spend more time on a subject or activity. That’s the core principle of the Montessori method. Though the end goals of both Montessori and traditional schools are the same, the methods of learning experience are vastly different.

A good Montessori school understands the importance of an inclusive and positive learning environment. The American Montessori Campus (AMC) near Carrollton, Texas, promises to provide your child with an education that’s supported by a scientific community and a team of dedicated educators. Here’s what makes a Carrollton Montessori school stand out from the rest.

Prepared and Adaptable Learning Environment

A Montessori classroom is always prepared in advance. This preparation is based on observations of your child’s individual needs. It means activities and lessons are centered around your child as opposed to a one-size-fits-all curriculum that may not allow them to reach their full potential.

A traditional classroom teacher generally organizes the same activity for all children daily. While this can provide basic educational requirements, a Montessori teacher is passionate about creating an adaptable learning environment. This includes allowing the students to pursue their interests at their own pace, with as much guidance as needed.

The Montessori learning environment aims to develop well-rounded children who aren’t afraid to voice their interests. It teaches students how to interact and play with others while developing a strong sense of personal identity at a young age. Your child will learn to have the confidence to clearly express what they like and dislike without fear of being isolated for their uniqueness.

Premium Resources and Curriculum

Although Montessori schools must adhere to a standard curriculum, children are free to choose their learning activities from any area of that curriculum. Montessori schools provide only the highest-quality materials that aim to enrich your child’s development. That includes educational materials like books, painting supplies, and other tools.

Each learning material is multi-sensory and is designed to be self-correcting. It has its own set of outcomes that facilitates long-term learning experiences. AMC’s curriculum encourages children to work independently while developing strong problem-solving skills in a playful yet encouraging environment.

Certain aspects of the curriculum also aim to teach your child the value of teamwork. That will prepare your child for the future as they learn how to work with others and listen to different opinions.

Foster Love of Learning

A traditional school environment encourages a child to learn because it’s necessary for school and later life. AMC aims to nurture your child’s natural talents and unique abilities to cultivate a love of learning. Not only does this prepare them for the future, but it also fosters an appreciation of education and life-long learning that’s necessary in the real world.

Children have a right to play. The Montessori method does not focus on classroom-based learning. It incorporates a play-based approach that makes learning fun and creative. Your child will be able to develop at a much faster pace while learning essential skills in the areas of math, science, geography, and art that will greatly benefit them in the future.

AMC’s Carrollton school focuses on the physical, social, and mental development of your child. It incorporates fun play-time activities using items like sand, water, watercolors, and building blocks. As your child matures, they will learn about the animal kingdom, computer technology, and botany through hands-on activities that are guaranteed to retain their attention while nurturing their minds.

Multicultural Study

In a time where bullying in schools is on the rise, it’s more important than ever to focus on providing a safe and welcoming environment for all children. AMC places an emphasis on teaching every child kindness and respect. That means fostering an appreciation for all things living and what it means to stand up for themselves and their friends.

These values are embedded in more than just the curriculum. It’s modeled by experienced teachers, classmates, and even older children. 

As Carrollton is a melting pot of diverse cultures, your child will learn the fundamentals of respect through multicultural studies. Too often, children are only exposed to the culture they live in. By embedding them in a diverse classroom and encouraging honest communication, your child will grow to understand different cultures with an open mind.

Having an open mind will also teach your child about sympathy and empathy. They may learn about the struggles of other cultures, which will cultivate a sense of respect for other traditions and practices. Learning about different cultures can also help your child improve their language and social skills.

About American Montessori Campus

AMC’s Carrollton Montessori school is an award-winning Montessori school serving the Carrollton, TX area. We are more than just another daycare or school. All our programs are meticulously crafted to give your child the best possible care and learning experience. We’re located at the southwestern corner of Plano, Texas near the border of Carrollton, just minutes off President George Bush Turnpike. 

If you would like more information about sending your child to our school near Carrollton, get in touch with us today to set up a tour.

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