Kindergarten Program

Language contains four primary skill areas: grammar, word study, composition, and spelling.

The Montessori kindergarten environment that we create at American Montessori Campus lends a hand in preparing the child for both reading and writing (left to right, top to bottom).


Language develops naturally like a spontaneous creation; learning the phonetic sound of each letter allows the child the ability to blend the sounds creating three letter words while using picture cards as well as the move able alphabet. Once the child masters phonograms, the reading process begins. The child moves to words that have two or more syllables. Following, capitalization begins with punctuation while forming sentences in conjunction with sight words, short vowels, long vowels and consonants leading into sentence structure.

Math is a very important subject in the Montessori classroom. Children are exposed to numerals, quantity, and symbols as well as odd/even. The Math materials are very concrete, in order to meet the needs of various types and styles of learning, offering the child a stable foundation for math in the future. The Decimal System then comes in to play with an understanding of the foundation of complex numbers leading us to tens, teens and beyond. Once the child masters the Decimal System, operations and functions begin to take place such addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.

Spanish is the foreign language we feel most important for our students living in Texas, as it is our neighborly country and used most often. Children have a much easier time achieving different languages if exposed to a foreign language at a young age.

Recess and Physical Exercise is considered essential for students on a daily basis. Our facility offers an indoor gymnasium, outdoor covered play area, trike village & grassy wide green area for relay races.

Art is a wonderful form of creativity and expression. There will be several resources and materials the children will have access to in order to express & create. Every six weeks the class will focus on a particular artist and their art form.

Sensorial materials help the child to understand what he/she perceives. Sensorial materials allow the child to distinguish, categorize and relate new information to what he/she already knows (the beginning of conscious knowledge). Perception is brought about by the intelligence working in a concentrated way on the impressions given. Sensorial exercises help the child define quality such as colors, weight, shape, textures, size, solid, smell etc.

Practical Life tasks help the child to perfect his/her coordination, lengthen the time in which he/she can focus their attention to a specific activity as well as engaging the child in “adult life” responsibilities fostering independence and order. Most of us are aware of the fact that imitation is one of a child’s strongest urges. Practical Life exercises lend a hand in extending the child’s ability to complete a task and lengthen their concentration; all while enthusiastically feeling all grown up.

Cultural experiences promote creative thinking and problem solving. The lessons aim to lay a strong foundation for cultural awareness, geographical concepts and complex scientific theory.

Areas of Study

  • Science — biology- human development, rocks, numerals, scales, astronomy (constellation & solar system) and experiments
  • Geography — land forms and impressionistic charts, continents, countries of the world, cultural studies and Wonders of the World.
  • Botany — Plant life cycle studies, charts and outdoor/indoor gardening.
  • Zoology — Animal Kingdom life cycle studies and their habitats.
  • Computer Education — Computer Technology in a classroom environment is given the upmost respect. Children are exposed to different software through instruction from an actual computer instructor. The computer software is used to enhance the child’s critical thinking and understand concepts of cause and effect. Technology is also needed for exploration, experimentation and to build a bridge between hands on experiences and abstract thinking.
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