Toddler Program

Designed as a gentle transition from home to school, our toddler program encourages cooperative learning, fosters a sense of community among children and provides the toddlers increasing independence.

The toddler daycare program is designed to optimize the development of each toddler.


Toddler Program Facts

  • Care for self and care of environment are stressed during lessons on practical life and daily living. The children are particularly sensitive to language development, sensorial stimuli and movement at this age, so their daycare environment is prepared to maximize language and gross motor experience.
  • Here they are able to develop physical coordination, enjoy music and rhythm exploration, and learn using their whole bodies. By working with the children’s natural tendencies we show them that we respect their childhood, thus encouraging them to enjoy learning.
  • Both indoor and outdoor environments are rich in language experiences. Children’s literature is always available to the children for their own exploration. Story time may occur in quiet corners of the classroom under a canopy. Oral language development is encouraged through social interaction, as well as through songs and rhymes.
  • The search for independence and self-sufficiency expands exponentially as children start walking and begin to talk. Academic learning is indirect with the introduction of more sensorial exploration and adults giving the language to describe the experience.

Key Concepts

  • There is a formal introduction to the concept that each task (eating, toileting, working, etc.) has a beginning, a transition and an end.
  • Diapers are changed with the child standing and the option to sit on the small portable toilet is offered each time. Dressing themselves (socks and shoes are harder but gradually conquered) taking them off is no problem at all!
  • Meal times include eating independently, drinking from an open mouth cup and putting away the dishes when done.
  • Children at our Montessori school’s daycare gradually move from independent to group schedules: eating together, napping at the same time and even sitting together to hear a story.
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