5 Benefits of Montessori Daycare for Toddlers in Plano

5 Benefits of Montessori Daycare for Toddlers in Plano

5 Benefits of Montessori Daycare for Toddlers in Plano

Imagine this: You pick your toddler up in the afternoon from daycare. Your child is beaming and excitedly telling you about what she did that day. She played with sand and drew letters on a board, she constructed houses with her friends and her teacher gave her new toys each time she showed interest in playing with something new. This is Montessori education at its best–providing student guided learning experiences that facilitate joy in learning and early literacy experiences to maximize the early years of brain development. If you are in the north Texas area, and looking for toddler daycare, you are in luck. You have access to great Plano Montessori schools to choose from.

There are many benefits of Montessori schooling. The approach is child-centered and focuses on the child’s interests. It also focuses on learning through social engagement, which helps to foster communication and social skills. A hallmark of this approach to education in daycares is the early introduction of literacy and the connection between letters and sounds; toddlers even begin tracing letters. These daycares also use hands-on learning as the primary way in which learning is facilitated and supported by caring teachers. As a result of the methods used in Montessori-based daycares, toddlers develop positive character traits such as independence and self-control.

It is child-centered.

Child-centered curriculum promotes inquiry and a true joy of learning. The best Montessori daycare in Plano, TX that you will find will be one that captures the joy of the toddler and utilizes the toddler’s inquisitive nature to learn new skills. In a classroom built on these ideas, teachers provide materials to the children and then watch them explore, speak with them about what they are doing, prompt discussions and elaboration of ideas, and then introduce new ideas or materials. This organic approach to teaching allows teachers to craft learning experiences around what students are naturally interested in on a given day. It also creates a sense of natural curiosity in the classroom; learning is exciting for toddlers who are becoming more independent and wanting to demonstrate more control over their activities.

It creates strong social and communication skills.

As you search for toddler daycare, you want one that will help your budding toddler to improve social skills, school-based learning skills, and communication skills as well. Montessori education uses social interaction as the primary form of learning where teachers are guides to support student interests. Communication happens naturally in every aspect of exploration in these classrooms. This is a unique benefit of the best daycares in Plano, TX that use the Montessori philosophy and approach.

Teachers introduce literacy to toddlers.

The early introduction of literacy is important in your search for daycares in Plano. The best introduce writing very early in the toddler years so that children develop literacy naturally. Toddlers learn to trace letters in the sound and associate the sounds of letters by writing them. Gaining early literacy skills is a huge benefit to this approach.

The curriculum uses a hands-on approach.

A hands-on approach to learning is engaging and relevant to toddlers at their unique stage of development. Toddlers want to pick up and manipulate items, make guesses about items, try them out, and see what different materials can do. Materials that can be held, moved, shaped, and created form the central part of the curriculum. Often you will see centers set up to facilitate play and natural interest in toddlers. This approach allows toddlers to choose items and materials that are interesting to them, and their natural curiosity drives the learning. Daycares founded on Montessori principles have a large selection of classroom materials that are appropriate for the toddler and will encourage and enhance natural curiosity and learning.

Montessori daycares promote character development.

Daycares and schools in Plano that use Montessori approaches promote positive character traits and you will see these traits developing in the toddlers naturally through their independent play and learning. Toddlers demonstrate self-control, communicate with their peers and teachers, and develop independence. For the toddler, these are huge developmental achievements, and Montessori daycares support these achievements inherently.

As you consider the best toddler daycares in Plano, Montessori education options are great to keep in mind. The outstanding benefits make it an easy choice, and it is probable that your child’s smile when you pick them up at the end of the day will tell you so.

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