Toddler Daycare in Plano, Texas

Prepare your little one for their formative education years with a fun and engaging daycare in Plano, Texas where they learn while they play. At American Montessori Campus, our toddler daycare program is designed as a gentle transition period from home to the classroom. Allow your child to learn the basics of socialization and cooperative learning in the company of other children at the ages of 18 months to 3 years old.

Toddlers are eager to learn and experience, which means finding their footing and becoming more independent. Our Plano daycare is well-equipped to provide your children with learning experiences that prepare their creativity and intelligence for a classroom setting. 

American Montessori Campus is an award-winning center for daycare in Plano, Texas. With our children’s parents, we can prepare toddlers for a bright future while building the foundation of a well-rounded, sociable child. 

Our Key Concepts

Our toddler daycare program is designed to optimize your child’s developmental years. Before they enter any classroom setting, factors like their personality, social skills, and creativity begin to develop as early as this stage. Here are some of the key concepts that factor into our toddler curriculum:

  • Introducing toddlers to various concepts and how to start and finish simple tasks
  • Exploring and encouraging age appropriate independence
  • Giving toddlers independence to eat on their own 
  • Shifting from independent schedules to following group schedules

Toddler Facts and Daycare Objectives

At this stage of early childhood development, toddlers begin to grow out of their observant infant phase and are now searching for experiences to try on their own. It’s these skills that our daycare staff can hone during their stay at our facilities: 

  • Toddlers at this stage of development begin to grow their language, sensory responses, and motor skills. This is why our environment focuses on language building and physical activities. 
  • Toddlers start to learn physical coordination, rhythm, and patterns. We use interactive and fun activities to encourage learning. 
  • Children at this age have an eager desire to explore, so we provide indoor and outdoor spaces where they can learn language and socialization. 
  • Young toddlers will start to show signs of independence and self-sufficiency as they learn to walk and talk. 

Given these facts, our toddler curriculum is designed to expose our children to learning experiences that focus on skills to enhance their development before entering their preschool stage. 

Step Into Your Toddler’s Classroom

At American Montessori Campus, we offer five programs sorted by a child’s age and stage of development. Our toddlers will find fun and educational spaces that help them explore, learn and grow from experiences and interacting with other children and our qualified daycare staff. Here’s a glimpse of our facilities where your child can thrive. 

With your toddlers bursting with energy, our toddler daycare offers plenty to satisfy both our children and their parents:

  • Kid-Friendly Spaces. Our toddler daycare rooms are designed to be perfect for young children. Books, toys, art supplies, and other materials are all within reach for little ones, giving them the experience to choose rather than waiting for adults to do it for them. 
  • Visual Cues. To help toddlers understand signs and symbols, our spaces are designed with plenty of photos, labels, and other visual cues to help them understand and navigate on their own. 
  • Emergency, Safety and Security Features. Our campus spaces are well-equipped with security measures to ensure their safety from any accidents. Emergency services are also on standby in case of any situation that requires medical attention. 

A Day in the Life of Our Toddlers

Our toddler daycare curriculum is designed to instill daily rhythms and schedules. However, it’s less of a rigid schedule and more of a flexible day full of fun activities. Here’s what’s in store for an average day for toddlers in our Plano daycare: 

  • Group Activities. Toddlers have time to talk and interact with other children as they do various group activities to help build social skills. 
  • Outdoor Playtime. Enhance our kids’ physical and motor skills through outdoor playtime. 
  • Healthy Snack Time. Toddlers get access to fresh and healthy snacks from our own in-house cook. 
  • Cognitive Skill Building. Toddlers get to do stimulating activities that help build their cognitive function and prepare them with basic math and science skills. 
  • Socializing Skill Building. Toddlers learn how to talk to others, express their feelings, and empathize with other people’s feelings. 
  • Creative Outlets. Toddlers explore their creative side through arts and crafts and other artforms like music and movement. 

Why American Montessori Campus?

Enrolling your toddler in our daycare prepares your child for the next step of their development. When you leave your child at our daycare center, you can be rest assured that they’re in safe and caring hands that maximizes both their child’s fun and learning potential. Here are a few other reasons why parents trust American Montessori Campus as the Plano daycare center for their little ones: 

  • Top-Ranked Montessori Preschool Education. We are a top-rated preschool in the area and a consistent four-time award winner as a top preschool in the area. Trust that we are dedicated to your children’s growth and happiness. 
  • Highly-Qualified Staff. Our Montessori-certified teachers and daycare staff are experienced and well-trained to handle a handful of eager and curious toddlers looking to learn and play. 
  • Modern, Safe, and Secure Facilities. Our state-of-the-art campus facilities provide our learners with conducive learning spaces. Aside from our indoor and outdoor facilities, we also have an in-house cook, an in-house kitchen, and other learning resources. 
  • Flexible Childcare Solutions. Our toddler daycare programs are flexible and affordable, allowing more parents to access quality child care options at every stage of their preschool development. 
  • Accessible Location. Our campus is located in the center of West Plano, close to the Dallas North Tollway. 

Schedule a Free Tour of Our Toddler Daycare in Plano, Texas

See the learning facilities that can help your toddler start their formative education years ahead of the pack. Contact us today to schedule a free tour of our daycare center and campus facilities and to learn more about what could be in store for your child’s growth and development. 

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