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Best Montessori Activities for Your Children at 2 years

Best Montessori Activities for Your Children at 2 years

Your child’s world has a new discovery around every corner. At two years old, children soak up their experiences like a sponge and continue to make connections about the environment around them by using all five of their senses. Two-year-olds are naturally curious and it is important to foster this love of learning by introducing these Montessori activities. Not only are these activities fun but they will inspire your child to remain curious about their abilities and foster her independence.

Here are five engaging Montessori activities for children at home or in toddler daycare:

Nature Scavenger Hunt

There are a few nature scavenger hunts you can try with your child. Try a scavenger hunt for animals and insects. Make the animal characteristics simple or complex. Perhaps you will discover a big bird and a little bird. You and your child can discuss what birds eat, where they live, and how they fly. Next time you search for animals or insects, build on those topics and look for specific colors of birds or insects. Next, set out to discover types of rocks, leaves, and sticks around your neighborhood. Are the rocks big or small? Smooth or rough? Does the grass feel soft or wet? Does grass have a smell? Make a nature collection box together or make a craft project.

Early Literacy Sand Tray

A sand tray can be a helpful tool to make early literacy and shape recognition enjoyable for your two-year-old. Simply place a card with a shape, line, or letter next to a high-sided tray. Place sand in the tray and observe your child create the shape, line, or letter in the sand with their fingers. For a different texture, replace the sand with cornmeal!

Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver set promotes hands-on learning while teaching the practical skill of using a screwdriver. This activity encourages the use of hand eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. Two-year-olds may need some assistance with placing the screws and showing them how to turn the screwdriver.

Hide and Seek Board

Parents have often found great use out of Hide and Seek boards. Boards such as Melissa and Doug’s Farm Hide and Seek Board promote fine motor skills as well as memory.


Make sure the child’s scissors has a blunt end! Start by giving your child long strips of paper thin enough so they can cut through with a single snip. Do not use printer paper and construction paper. Card stock is much easier for little fingers to cut and your child will be more successful. Using scissors is one of the easiest Montessori activities for children that you can use anytime!

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