Best Montessori Activities for Your Children at 18 to 21 months

Best Montessori Activities for Your Children at 18 to 21 months

Best Montessori Activities for Your Children at 18 to 21 months

The period between 18 months and 21 months is characterized by tremendous growth and development for babies. Parents and caregivers must recognize this fact when providing infant care. Your child is constantly learning new things and exploring. They are also learning to be independent and do things by themselves. You will notice that your baby is very active at this age and is all over the place, touching everything. One of the best ways to support your baby’s development at this stage is to help them engage in Montessori activities that will promote their development. You should also choose an infant Montessori daycare that engages children in activities that promote learning and intellectual development.

Here are some Montessori activities that you can let your child engage in to promote their cognitive development.

Color sorting

Color sorting can be a very fun activity for your baby. It will also enable your baby to learn to put together things that are alike. Moreover, you can buy the toys required for this activity, or you can make your own at home using reused material.

Practical life activities

At this point in their life, your baby is developing their interests and skills. Therefore, you should engage them more in the day-to-day practical activities to acquire practical skills. This involvement at an early age also enables your child to grow up into a responsible child. Some of the practical activities to include in your child care routine are; letting them wash and arrange toys after using them, putting on shoes, pouring a glass of water for themselves, wiping water when they spill, etc.

Opening and closing activities

At this age, your baby is developing more accurate eye-hand coordination. So, you should support them in engaging in activities that help improve coordination. One of the best activities for this function is playing with wooden nuts and bolts. You can get several colors of nuts with matching bolts and show your baby how to screw a yellow bolt with a yellow nut. For starters, you can keep the nut on the bolt for your baby to unscrew.

Playing with magnetic letters

This is the best age to introduce your child to letters. At this age, your baby is starting to develop some language skills. Start by teaching them how to pronounce the letters and advance slowly to ordering them in the required sequence. Remember to take it slow and be patient enough to let your baby learn at their own pace. Keep it fun and engaging.

Object to picture matching

To support your child in learning and developing language, you can engage your child in activities that entail matching pictures with the names of the objects in the pictures. This helps build vocabulary and language in general.


Eventually, you will realize that your baby will develop interests of their own. They might prefer playing a certain game over others or doing certain practical activities over others. It would be best to give them as much support as possible at every step of the way. If your baby insists on sweeping the house, you can get them a small broom, an apron, and a dustpan and let them sweep with you.

The quality of child care that your baby receives is crucial to their wholesome development. For this reason, you should choose the best child care facility for your baby. Suppose you are interested in a Montessori school near Carrollton that will help support your baby’s development. American Montessori Campus offers infant daycare and child care services that are fit for your child’s wholesome development

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