Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in PreSchool at a Montessori School

Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in PreSchool at a Montessori School

Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in PreSchool at a Montessori School

Worrying about your child’s success in school is a natural concern. You’re not alone. No matter how young they are, parents want the best for their children. So, you’ve chosen one out of a few Montessori preschools in Plano and are now concerned about how you can help your little one be the best preschooler they can be.

The key to helping your child through Montessori Preschools in Plano, TX is to consolidate learning at home. 

There should be a partnership between what’s happening at home and in the classroom. And no, we’re not talking about making your kids do worksheets at home. 

So what should parents be doing? Parents should be building on the critical developmental life skills taught in the classroom, the first one being helping your child towards independence.

That means giving your child the room to do things by themselves and feeling that sense of accomplishment for themselves. The other things your kiddos will be learning in a Montessori classroom are self-care, caring for others, and problem-solving. 

This article looks at a few ways to help your children prepare and succeed at this preschool stage of life. 

Ways To Succeed At The Preschool Stage

There are many ways you can, as a parent, help prepare your child for entering one of Montessori preschools in Plano

Practice Makes Perfect

Since practicing schoolwork starts at home, you can even begin helping your child practice their learning as early as the preschool level. First, of course, making it fun is vital. And at this level, it’s easy to do with fun activities and games.

For example, while playing with your kids, bring in color identification, counting, and even writing letters in the sand. They will be learning and consolidating their school work without even realizing it. 

More Than Book Learning

Parents should help foster their child’s fundamental development. This means that they need to learn how to be present, aware, and understand what’s going on in their surroundings.

This adds to their commonplace intelligence and will help them learn critical human values and boost their creativity. So what does this look like – sharing lunch with friends, getting out into nature, making crafts or clay figures, and even listening to stories.

Steps Towards Independence

A key focus for a Montessori education program is to help a child master independence. Here, parents can quickly help the child along. For example, let them carry their school back, pack their bag, do simple routine chores, and guide them in making their own choices.

And you’ll see them start becoming more and more confident every day. Of course, knowing your child’s limits is vital. Don’t ask them to try a task above their age level or ability. This will make them frustrated and less willing to try other things.  

Model Respect

What we want from our children is for them to grow into successful independent adults that have respect for those around them. It is never too early to model respectful behavior with your children.

Montessori children will have a classroom greeting that they will take part in, in the mornings, and this is just one example. Remind them that being a big kid involves these simple routines and acknowledging their peers and teachers.

Part Of The Team

Let them know that they are a part of your family unit, and everyone needs to help out and have a job to make a happy home. You’ll be surprised at how proud they are of their tasks and being helpful. Remember not to stress too much if the job isn’t done to your standards. They are still learning and will get better at it. 

From these few tips, it’s evident that the preschool learning years are a success when parents and teachers work together to introduce these learning areas into the children’s lives. There’s more to these years than learning the ABCs.

We want our children to grow up to be respectful, well-rounded, caring adults who can interact and understand the world well. Sometimes this kind of learning can be frustrating for you as an adult, but remember to take a deep breath and practice patience as they learn to be successful and independent. 

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