Top 5 Questions to Ask When Touring Montessori Schools or Daycare

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Touring Montessori Schools or Daycare

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Touring Montessori Schools or Daycare

When you choose a Montessori school for your children’s education, you will provide them with an educational opportunity that extends beyond just attending daycare. However, you will need to do a little research to choose the best options from the Montessori schools in your area.

The best way to evaluate possible schools for your children’s early education is to take a tour and observe the facility, faculty, and programs available. During that tour, make sure you ask questions that can help you select which school is right for your family.

This article will cover the top five questions you should ask, but these are just a few to get you started. Make a list of anything else you need to know as you review the examples listed below.

Reasons to Choose a Montessori School

Parents who choose to enroll their children in a Montessori educational program do so because they want to provide them with the best learning opportunities. Unlike public schools, Montessori schools move away from a static method of education and offer abstract learning methods. 

Instead of teaching children how to memorize facts, the Montessori philosophy focuses on enabling children to interact with concepts and ideas. These programs develop their tactile experiences and visionary learning approaches.

Other reasons parents choose Montessori schools for their children’s education are:

  • They facilitate a natural love of learning
  • Offer a holistic approach to education
  • Individualize learning experiences for each student
  • Promote practical skills learning

5 Must Ask Questions When Touring Montessori Schools

When you tour the Montessori schools in your area, there will be a portion of each tour that is dedicated to answering any questions you may have. To ensure that you find the school that will align with your educational objectives for your children, take an opportunity to carefully consider what questions you should ask.

1. What is the children to staff ratio?

Classroom size is one of the most significant problems faced by public school attendees. Schools located in densely populated areas aren’t the only ones who experience this overcrowding. Suburban and even many rural schools struggle with this issue.

Montessori schools do not tend to have these overcrowding issues. However, it is essential to find out the student to instructor ratio at the school you choose. For this reason, this should be one of the first questions you ask while on tour.

2. What programs are available?

When touring a Montessori school, consider their available programs. Do they have a foreign language program? What program objectives do they have for each age group? What other enrichment programs does the school offer? By identifying the programs the school offers, you can easily determine if the school’s Montessori philosophy aligns with your educational standards for your child.

3. What is the level of training and education of the staff?

Qualified and licensed personnel will ensure the schools provide the highest quality of care and attention to each child’s educational needs. Ask about the certifications, licenses, and education of the faculty members who would be involved in your children’s instruction.

4. What do other parents say about the school?

Don’t shy away from asking whether you can speak to other parents about their experiences with the school. Another great resource is the reviews these parents have left about each school either online or with the State Board of Education. These are a great way to learn what other parents think about the Montessori school you’re considering before you make any final decisions.

5. Are there extended hours programs?

Often, families require schools that offer extended hours. However, some Montessori schools only provide a few hours of classes. If your family wants a program that will implement a full day of learning or if you need a program with extended hours, make sure you ask about their scheduled hours.

Check to see what after-hours programs are available as well. That way, you confirm whether the Montessori schools you’re considering meet the needs of your entire family.

Where to go When Looking for Plano Montessori Schools

When choosing a Montessori school for your children, facility tours are the best way to ensure that these schools meet your standards. However, your questions should not only be directed at faculty members and other parents. There are also a few questions you should ask yourself while touring the facility. Some of these include:

  • Is the learning environment tidy?
  • Are the materials in complete sets and in good shape?
  • What is the condition of the outdoor equipment, if any?
  • What are the interactions between the instructors and the children like?

These are only a few concerns you must consider. You may have more specific questions as well. Before you visit the school, make a list of things you want to look for.

At American Montessori Campus, we encourage your questions. We understand the importance of your children’s education, so we want to offer you peace of mind that you have made the best choice. As a top-rated Montessori school here in Plano, Texas, we set the new standard in Montessori education.

Are you considering a Montessori school for your children’s education? Contact us today to set up a tour of our facility. We look forward to meeting with you.

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