Top 10 Montessori-Friendly Toys and Gifts for Infants and Toddlers

Top 10 Montessori-Friendly Toys and Gifts for Infants and Toddlers

Top 10 Montessori-Friendly Toys and Gifts for Infants and Toddlers

Rather than using traditional teaching methods, Montessori schools provide children with a system of education that supports their natural development and personal interests. Montessori education teaches through the use of all five senses, rather than only through listening, watching, or reading. If you or someone you know has children in Montessori schools or is interested in implementing the practices of Montessori education within their homes, these Montessori-friendly toys and gifts for infants and toddlers may be for you!

Best Montessori-Friendly Toys

  1. Classic Rocking Stacker: The classic rocking stacker is available in both wooden and plastic designs. The toy, which comes with a single rocking base and various colored rings which decrease in size, teaches children distinctions between colors and sizes, as well as develops their problem-solving skills through the course of natural play.
  2. Classic Walk ‘N’ Roll: Another classic toy that promotes natural development is the Walk ‘N’ Roll, which is also commonly referred to as the Bubble Popper. This toy, which is also available in both wooden and plastic models, encourages walking in children. The Walk ‘N’ Roll also promotes color identification, counting, and cause and effect.
  3. Shape Sorter: Shapes Sorter toys come in a variety of styles and textures to promote intellectual development. Shape Sorters teach colors, shapes, and problem solving by encouraging children to fit the correct shapes through the matching slots.
  4. Toy Cleaning Sets: Typically appropriate for your older toddler, the Toy Cleaning Set promotes independence as well as life readiness skills. Sets come with a variety of cleaning supplies such as a broom, mop, dustpan, and even vacuum cleaners all sized for easy child use.
  5. 3-D Puzzles: 3-D Puzzles are available in a multitude of materials, colors, and shapes such as the wooden whale puzzle that features large block puzzle pieces of various colors that stack together to complete the shape of a whale.
  6. Sorting Accessories: A classic favorite is sorting containers and accessories such as the assorted color wooden bowl set that comes with color matching dolls. Sorting accessory toys promote categorizing skills in children as young as one.
  7. Books: If you are or know a Montessori-friendly home that you are buying for this holiday season you cannot go wrong with a good book. Books provide an endless resource of education including interactive learning, reading, storytelling, and more.
  8. Musical Instruments: Another go-to gift idea is musical instruments. Musical instruments can include numerous items all the way from a homemade drum to a fully functional guitar. Musical instruments promote creativity, increase coordination, and foster a sense of achievement.
  9. Building Materials: Building materials are not just for construction sites, they can be practical for your infant or toddler as well. Age-appropriate tool sets and building blocks encourage children to learn spatial concepts through natural play.
  10. Personal Involvement: One of the greatest gifts we can give to a child, Montessori or not, is our undivided attention. Give a gift of your time by allowing yourself to fully immerse into the interests and play of your child. This gift significantly bolsters a child’s self-esteem and independence.

Give the joy of Montessori friendly gifts and Montessori friendly toys to a child near you this holiday season and watch the magic of natural development unfold before your eyes. And contact us at American Montessori Campus for information about our infant daycare services.

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