How to Develop Holiday Routines With Your Children The Montessori Way

How to Develop Holiday Routines With Your Children The Montessori Way

How to Develop Holiday Routines With Your Children The Montessori Way

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As holiday seasons approach, we remember that there are a vast amount of traditions and routines that have been around for centuries. Montessori routines involve putting the children in the middle of the projects and allowing them to choose how their traditions will look. With the wide variety of cultures and traditions to celebrate, it’s important to know exactly what you want your kids to be remembering and creating in the middle.

Here are a few ideas from the American Montessori Campus in North Dallas for this holiday season.

Making arts and crafts has been a long-standing tradition appreciated by many cultures and traditions. Specifically, within Montessori routines, the ritual of creating their own cards, snowflakes, or even paper chains celebrate the child’s choice to be active and engaged in their learning. Along with making, baking creates an opportunity for kids to practice hands-on techniques and the best Montessori daycares always encourage learning this way.

Collecting and sharing go hand in hand. Montessori routines that include the ability for children to willingly engage and participate are the best kind. Consider dates and times for your children to share any spare ornaments they may have, while also allowing others to add to their collection!

The December holiday season includes multiple different celebrations of cultures and kinds. A few ideas that have stemmed from all the traditions include an advent calendar, lighting of the candles, and a special Christmas day celebration.


An advent calendar takes each of the days leading up until Christmas and incorporates a gift, an activity, or even a small story. Each day children get to play an active role in creating memories and traditions in the holiday season. The best Montessori routines help students learn to be inclusive and make sure every culture is celebrated equally.


Lighting the candles is an honorary way of celebrating Hanukkah. The idea behind a menorah, systematically lighting a candle each day, gives children something to look forward to and take part in. Once the candles are lit, there are plenty of Hebrew or other culturally appropriate songs to sing that help add meaning to the tradition.


On the day of the Christmas, a big celebration feast can be had for families of all kind backgrounds. This allows for all different kinds of dishes, desserts, and holiday festivities to be shared and enjoyed by all. This feast can encourage your kids to spread the joy of the holiday season by learning about other cultural traditions.

Creating traditions and rituals of all kinds during the holiday season is paramount to making incredible memories. The Montessori way promotes the active engagement of adults and children alike, all contributing in their own way, to create one of the most memorable holiday traditions and routines anyone could ever hope for.

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