How Our Montessori Practices are Revolutionizing Early Childhood Education

How Our Montessori Practices are Revolutionizing Early Childhood Education

If you are a resident of North Dallas, Frisco, Carrolton, or the Colony, you may have heard about our Montessori preschool, daycare, and child care facilities. Taking pride in top-notch and quality early childhood education programs, American Montessori Campus provides an all-around learning system for your child. Our early childhood education is based on methods that support both emotional and intellectual growth.

Among the best attributes of a Montessori school like ours is its focus on educating kids and serving the entire community. Our preschool is strategically placed in West Plano. This ensures North Dallas children and others from surrounding residences have effortless travel arrangements to and from the school. With innumerable advantages, here are some of the reasons why our Montessori preschool continues to attract parents and guardians.

We choose to follow the new Montessori standard, which ensures that every child has the proper motivational basis. This aims to produce an independent learner with the rightful stimulation for emotional, intelligence, and physical growth. Our approaches to learning foster creativity while largely contributing to the development of a confident and positive self-image.

Our Montessori certified teachers are among the best in the nation. Apart from the professional methodologies, this type of early childhood learning environment is boosted by various factors. Schools like ours have high-quality educational materials like artistic tools and books. We also offer dance, gymnastics, and computer sessions.

We encourage individualized learning at our Montessori preschool. We have a collection of multi-sensory materials that act as guiding paths to our teachers. Students learn at their own pace while freedom of choice is encouraged during the decision-making processes. This is meant to ensure students select work according to their skills level and innate individual interests.

Our American Montessori Campus also proudly implements STEM programs. As the most important study areas we look into the future, Montessori schools pay special attention to these programs. These programs have a great influence on future employability and economic growth through the imparting and acquisition of tech-based skills. We partner with Mad Science to ensure the right content and orientation at an early age.

To provide a learner-friendly environment, we offer freshly cooked meals that are prepared by the school’s full-time employed cook. There are personalized services and a facility dedicated to toddler and infant care. We also organize summer camps for school-going kids and exclusive childcare and daycare services that are focused on learning.

An accolade-winning early childhood learning facility, our Montessori school has bagged various awards in the past. For instance, it was crowned as the best of Plano Montessori in 2012. This is a vivid testament to our assurance and professional zeal to offer unparalleled teaching facilities to our children.

We place a special focus on daycare services. We put a premium value on our daycare children as we believe in the strengths of foundational education. Each program at the campus is tailored to give your child the ultimate possible learning environment and care.

We endeavor to sharpen your child’s social skills through many individualized learning approaches. This motivates each child to grow into a self-reliant learner while focusing on areas that promote versatile understanding and decoding of real-life experiences.

If you want your child to benefit from these programs, we invite you to contact our Montessori school near your Texas home today!

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