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The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than
the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is
preparation of the spirit.
– Maria Montessori



“Our family has been lucky enough to be charter members at A.M.C. I brought my sweet baby in at only 8 weeks old. The handful of teachers and staff made my transition to going back to work bearable. My son is growing up in this school. He loves his teachers, Director and the owners as well! I feel a person connection with the people in this school. I have total trust with the team at A.M.C. My son is growing in so many ways. He loves coming to this school. He is excited about about the wonderful things he gets to do everyday. A.M.C. is part of my family and we will use this school as long as my family grows!”
– Lynn Egert (Matthew, Age 3)

“A.M.C. has been the perfect experience. Our child was enrolled in another Montessori school; however, after one visit to A.M.C. I was drawn to the quality of the staff and overall school experience. Once enrolling my son, I felt like it was the best decision. I wish he could continue through Middle School.”
– Heddora Wilburn (Christian, Age 4)

“A true advocate for your child?s emotional, physical & mental development.”
– Kate Freeman (Colin & Cole, Ages 4 & 1)

“Dear Owners, Administration, Teachers and supporting staff, I have no intention of glamorizing this painting or endorsing my talent level as an amateur artist; however, I am presenting this painting I completed in Vancouver, Canada (the last one I did prior to moving to Texas in 2003) as a representation of my sincere appreciation to you for your devotion, inspiration and faithfulness to our children’s development as well as to us as their parents. Our girls, Riley and Cameron, have developed and achieved so much due to their involvement in your establishment and the dedication to remain steadfast to the Montessori way. They love and adore the teachers and going to school every morning is a real treat for them, as it is for us when we witness the obvious positive influences in their developing minds and hearts.

Your obvious determination and dedication is so evident when a person such as I have had the opportunity to watch from outside in for four years now. Please accept this painting and attached dedication as a simple, tangible and heartfelt method of saying “Thank you.” As my girls grow beyond the scope of your school’s environment and make their way through the often scary, overwhelming and bureaucratic levels of education, I, as a father can always rest at east knowing that their most formative years were spent in a nurturing and heightening arena of their self worth, both at home and at their school environments.

Heartfelt thanks & Happy 4th Anniversary”
– Shawn McConachie

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