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What are the Advantages of Montessori Kindergarten?

What are the Advantages of Montessori Kindergarten?

More and more parents in the Carrollton, TX area are turning to Montessori kindergarten options for their little ones. One reason is that Montessori schools offer your kindergartener educational experiences that they just won’t get in other types of schools.

In classes like those at American Montessori Campus, we will use your child’s learning style to create a customized educational curriculum that will benefit your child through their first years in school. In our Montessori school near Carrollton, your child will remain safe and cared for during school hours. Due to this safe and nurturing environment, your child can solely focus on learning and having fun during the entire day.

What Exactly Is The Montessori Method?

The Montessori Method was created by an educator by the name of Dr. Maria Montessori. She thought that school children should not get compared to the average standards that get measured in more traditional educational systems. In this particular system of learning, children learn with few restrictions or criticisms.

Our Montessori Kindergarten Curriculum Is Structured For Your Child

Children like to do work that’s full of purpose and helps them become independent. Our instructors who teach our Montessori classes will make sure that your child receives the very best environment and materials that are appropriate for their age level. Our Carrollton area Montessori teachers only work with a few students at a time. They work extremely hard to present the educational materials in a way that the students will best absorb it. Plus, the instructors do all of this while observing the students interact with each other.

Carrollton Area Montessori Teachers Use Multi-Sensory Materials To Help Students Explore

At our Montessori school near Carrollton, teachers use different types of learning activities to promote an environment that is fun, allows your child to grow, and is also extremely critical to their development. The instructors use every activity to get your child to develop skills that will help each and every student become more independent. They also use fun games and tasks to help your child learn over time. Some of the activities that your child might engage in throughout the day include some of the following:

  • Coloring
  • Outdoor play
  • Painting
  • Reading
  • Story time
  • Tactile activities (playing with blocks, puzzles, etc)

We Encourage Purposeful Movements In Our Classrooms

Our students socialize with each other, concentrate on different tasks throughout the day, and physically interact with their classroom and outdoor environments. Our instructors encourage freedom of movement in our students, which enhances their understanding and learning over time. It is in our classrooms that children can freely move about without needing to unnecessarily ask for permission from the adults in the room. Doing all of this encourages a sense of independence in our students.

We Put Our Students In Mixed-Age Groups

Your child will engage in learning tasks both by themselves and in mixed-age settings. Peers can create a supportive environment for your child, which can then give your child a wide variety of educational and social benefits.

If you would like more helpful information about our Montessori school near Carrollton, give us a call today!

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