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How Montessori Addresses Different Learning Styles

How Montessori Addresses Different Learning Styles

Montessori Schools are committed to teaching your child using their preferred learning styles while simultaneously stretching their comfort zone in other methods of learning. The Montessori approach is designed to build confidence and foster a life-long love of learning in your child. Montessori education uses the seven learning styles to educate your child to create a rich and diverse learning experience each day.

The Seven Learning Styles

Has your child ever had a favorite teacher? This may be because they taught your child in the learning style that matched well with your child’s learning styles. What are the Seven Learning Styles?

  • Visual-Spatial: Your child prefers to learn using pictures, charts, and other visual aids.
  • Verbal-Linguistic: Your child learns best by reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Interpersonal: Your child learns well by participating in group work.
  • Intrapersonal: Your child prefers to work independently.
  • Physical-Kinesthetic: Your child learns best when there is physical movement or hands-on learning tools involved.
  • Logical-Mathematical: Your child excels in areas that use logic and reason.
  • Aural: Your child learns best with sounds and music.

Your child may show strength in several of these areas and likely show a preference for a particular style. At Montessori Schools, each subject is infused with several of these styles by using the five senses to help your child master their subjects. Montessori education adapts to fit the unique needs of your child.

Montessori Learning: An Integrated Approach

While traditional schools cater to the verbal and logical learning styles, Montessori Schools integrate all of the unique learning styles with a special focus on visual and physical learning. The primary goal at a Montessori campus is to give your child the ability to learn in a variety of ways so that they will be able to succeed in the real world.

At a Montessori school, we only use the best educational tools for your child. Learning materials are kept up-to-date so that your child will have the quality learning experience they need. From the indoor gym to the outdoor courtyard, your child will be able to engage their physical and visual learning modalities through classes like dancing and soccer. Children are encouraged to learn by discovery and exploration.

Your child’s individual learning modalities and pace will be respected and nurtured at a Montessori School. We strive to create a harmonious balance between freedom and classroom responsibility to help your child develop a sense of independence. We believe that your child is a competent and capable student with a desire to learn and we want to help grow that desire. With a combination of group and independent work, your child will be able to understand what it means to be self-accountable and accountable to others. Most of all, we create a safe learning environment where your child can develop a positive self-image and gain confidence.

The “Whole Child” Philosophy

Rather than focusing on one or two developmental aspects of your child, Montessori education takes it a few steps further by fostering opportunities for development as a social and emotional being. From birth to age six, your child is critically developing socially and trying to figure out where they fit in. By including interpersonal learning activities that demonstrate how to share and effectively communicate, we are setting your child up for success in a world of seven billion diverse individuals.

Activities like hand-washing, conflict resolution, and waiting in line at the primary level encourage interpersonal skills to develop. At the Kindergarten level, students are introduced to subjects like English, Math, Art, Physical Education, and Spanish. Practical life tasks and cultural experiences are also part of a Montessori learning experience.

Spanish is seen as a very important subject for Montessori students in Texas. Students who are exposed to another language at a young age are more likely to master it later in life. Since Texas borders Mexico and is home to many Spanish-speaking people, we feel it is important to introduce children to Spanish as soon as possible. While many public schools reserve foreign language for middle or high school, we believe that it can make a greater impact when children are exposed to it at the Kindergarten level.

Overall, a Montessori School will provide your child with a well-rounded education that teaches information and reinforces knowledge in a variety of learning styles. Your child will receive an education that works with their learning style instead of against it. By stimulating the intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of your child, they will be prepared for success in later education and life.

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