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Top 10 Montessori Parent Resources

Top 10 Montessori Parent Resources

top 10 montessori parent resources

Top 10 Montessori Parent Resources

For many parents, the word “Montessori” invokes some positive thoughts of children learning happily and peacefully in a pleasant environment, but also a good deal of uncertainty. Montessori schools use an approach to education that few people are familiar with. If you are considering Montessori education for your child or already have a child in a school, these Montessori parent resources may help you solidify your understanding of this approach.

1. Montessori Versus Mainstream Education

This chart from the Association Montessori International helpfully depicts the differences between the Montessori and mainstream styles. It is especially useful for those who are investigating Montessori education for the first time. It covers how children learn, what role the teacher plays, and how the classroom is structured. In addition, the Association offers multiple other starting resources, including a brief bio on Maria Montessori.

2. A Parent’s Introduction to Montessori Materials

There are many helpful blog posts covering Montessori parent resources, but this introduction lays a solid foundation. It introduces the three main categories of a Montessori education: sensorial, practical life, and academic. The article also suggests where you can find materials for your own home.

3. Raising An Amazing Child

As always, books are one of the best places to seek information. How to Raise an Amazing Child: The Montessori Way is a fun but detailed resource on using Montessori concepts with a young child. It has lovely pictures and practical examples that make reading it a pleasure.

4. Courses For Parents

On the topic of learning about parenting, taking a course can be an efficient way to study under experts. Trillium Montessori offers several courses for parents. One of their current options is Cultivating Spaces for Children, a live, four-week course taught by instructors with considerable background in Montessori schools. The course also provides weekly PDF toolkits with additional materials to utilize in your home.

5. Montessori: The Science Behind The Genius

If you have friends who are unsure why you have chosen your child’s school, this thorough book can help you explain your decision. It presents the research in support of Montessori’s methods, and the new edition adds even more evidence. For those wanting to check the facts, this Montessori parent resource also lists all of the research in the Works Cited section.

6. How To Choose Toys

Many of us have friends and family looking to gift our children with toys. Parents also wish to provide their children with beneficial and fun toys. But it can be difficult to know what sort of toys are best from a Montessori perspective.This blog post discusses some key qualities to look for, as well as suggesting how and when to give them to your children.

7. Printable Materials

Some of you are less interested in theory and more interested in practical tools you can begin incorporating into your household today. These printables from Trillium Montessori are for you. One of their most popular options is the Continents A-Z Bundle, which covers vocabulary, culture, and nature associated with each continent.

8. Developing Emotional Intelligence

One of the wonderful aspects of the Montessori experience is that it emphasizes emotional intelligence. If you are interested in joining with your child’s teachers to develop this quality, this article “5 Ways to Nurture your Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)” will be helpful. It talks about key strategies, such as controlling your own anger and engaging in healthy habits.

9. Tips For Choosing A School

If you haven’t enrolled your child in a Montessori school yet, reading this article is an absolute must. Without some guidance, it can be challenging to know what to look for as you tour potential schools. “Tips for Choosing a Montessori School for your Child” offers a list of must-haves to check off before you make your decision.

10. Montessori Blog

There’s no better way to conclude this list of top ten Montessori parent resources than with our favorite resource, though we are admittedly a little biased.  Our own Montessori Blog has a plethora of great articles to help you on your Montessori journey. It includes topics spanning from Montessori Myths: Everything You Need To Know, to How To Help Your Children Express Their Emotions, and everything in between.

There are numerous resources for parents on the Montessori perspective to education. We hope this roundup has been helpful for you and will aid you in your parenting.

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